Homestays By the Bay

Your San Francisco Bay Area Home Away
It's Not Just a Bed - It's a Home.

When you choose a homestay instead of a hotel, you'll spend your visit in the private home of a local resident.

Though it's certainly novel in the U.S. these days, staying in the home of a local is nothing new. Family-run inns, guesthouses, rooming houses, and lodges were the main respite for travelers in the U.S. before hotels became dominant, and it's still a primary way to travel in many other countries. 

Homestay guests usually find their accommodations more affordable, quiet, clean, friendly and homey than a hotel. When relatives visit, lodging them at a homestay gives them the home-away-from-home experience while also preserving your privacy and their comfort (no more back-busting pull-out sofas).

Homestays are not the right choice for those planning to party or come and go late in the night, since our homes are in residential neighborhoods, where the neighbors deserve their peace and quiet. You may also be sharing the home with other guests who need their sleep. So your host will have you observe quiet hours and house rules. Homestays are ideal for families, scholars, traveling executives/professionals, and low-key couples. 

Each of our homes has the unique, added feature of being a healthy, green alternative. We use only organic, unscented cleaning and bath products and organic coffee & tea; we recycle and compost; our places are landscaped with drought-tolerant plants; and we've outfitted the beds with warm, down comforters so you can save energy by using less heat at night. 

It's Human

When you stay in one of our homes, you can cook together, play cards around the table, chill out with a movie, and keep chatting long into the night, as friends sink, one by one, onto the floor pillows. If you rent a room in a shared house, kitchen, dining, and social spaces are communal, so opportunities to meet nice, interesting people from other parts of the world are plentiful and comfortable. Not feeling well? A mug of hot tea is right downstairs. Chilly? You'll find another blanket everywhere you look. Maybe your granny's house was this comfy, but anyplace else? Unlikely.

It's Fun

When the right social vibe starts
buzzing, we've had spontaneous backyard BBQ's, potluck dinners, and San Francisco day trips, where guests from different parts of the world shared their cuisines, traditions, and stories with each other. Some folks stir up adventures with other guests, and others find their agendas too full to mingle. Whether you're private or sociable, it works out great for everyone!

It's Private

When guests prefer their own space, privacy is easy to find. Separate family or friend groups
gather in furnished sitting areas in their rooms, on the front porch seating area, around the teak table in the side yard, at the dining room table, in the living room, and in the backyard. The bedrooms afford plenty of privacy; most have extra seating and a table or desk for a quiet cup of tea, a long work project, or private family time. And in daytime, with everyone out for their adventures, the guesthouse is usually a quiet, peaceful place to relax. 

It's Family-Friendly

Families with children will find a supportive family travel scene. Derby Creek Guesthouse provides a Pack N Play, a high chair, a stroller, a car seat, a child gate, drawing supplies, a play tent, plushy toys, children's books, and other supports. More than 30 full sets of dishes means you'll never run out. Ample fridge and pantry space makes it easy to stock their favorite juicy drinks, crunchy munchies, and picnic lunches. A deep tub, a rubber ducky, and a bunch of plushy toys will calm them down for a long night's rest. 

It's Socially Responsible

We make socially responsible choices in our purchasing, buying green, organic, and Fair Trade whenever it's available, even when it's more expensive. 

It's Green

We practice recycling, composting, and reuse of materials, and we avoid packaging, buying in bulk whenever possible. Our cleaning practices are deep and green, with organic, unscented (Seventh Generation) and Fair Trade (Dr. Bronner's) cleaning products. We've enjoyed discovering new non-toxic cleaning products, such as our coconut oil floor and furniture cleaners. 

It's Good Economics

Since the economic downturn, more people have started opening rooms in their homes to close the gap in their incomes left by pay cuts, layoffs, and investment losses. Choosing a Homestay is one way to vote with your dollars for healthy, right-sized, local economies, and to support everyday people instead of hotel chains that drain resources from local economies. It's part of the new "Sharing Economy," jump-started after the economic downturn, in which ordinary people share their resources with one another more affordably and humanely than large corporations do.